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The "Digital Paintings" on this page were made from Actual Photographs. They have been digitally enhanced to give the appearance of having actual brush strokes on canvas which you can see by clicking on the photos to enlarge them. Although they give the appearance of Paintings, they are actually still Photographs.

Click on the first photo in this series to enlarge it and see the effect of this technique.

I hope you enjoy this Gallery...

Do you have a photo that you have taken that you would like to have converted to a "Digital Painting"? Would you like to have a "Digital Painting" taken of your Home or Business? If so, please use the link above to contact us and let us know what your needs are...

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Baby Giraffe - Digital Painting_7842Steam Train LocomotiveSteam Train - Digital PaintingRed Boat - Digital PaintingPoint Fermin LighthouseSample Home 1 - Digital Painting-1Carriage Digital PaintingCarriage RideCarriage Ride Digital DrawingWater FountainArizona_BMC7192-EditPark Bench and White RosesWhite Horse Digital PaintingSurfer - Digital Painting-1Santa Rosa - Windmill - Digital PaintingBalloon Reflection in Lake - Digital Painting-1Long Beach Lighthouse - Digital Painting.jpgLong Beach Ship - Digital Painting.jpgSanta Monica Beach - Digital Painting.jpg